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Starlink Internet is available to passengers for the first time in air travel

In a new contract with the semi-private airline JSX, SpaceX intends to make its Starlink satellite internet available to its passengers in flight for the first time.JSX CEO Alex Wilcox told CNBC that under the company’s contract with SpaceX, about 100 aircraft will receive Starlink Internet services.Wilcox expects its passengers to have access to the […]

Face and fingerprint scanning at airports is a way to identify people

Airport face and fingerprint scanning technology can be a good alternative to ID cards at airports. So you may no longer have to use ID cards, passports or driver’s licenses to identify yourself. Face or fingerprint scanners of passengers at domestic and international airports, which host large numbers of passengers a day, allow airport officials […]

The challenge of making nano-floor aircraft is held

According to the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters, an airline, in collaboration with the Technology Exchange Network, is holding an innovation challenge on the subject of “manufacturing non-woven indoor flooring for aircraft.” challenges This challenge is to call for solutions, ideas and, if possible, creativity in the use of materials. So the result will be produce non-woven […]


This aircraft is anti-corona

A British company has unveiled an anti-corona aircraft with special capabilities. Seats of this aircraft The seats are separated by a plastic cover and change color by using thermochromic technology after disinfection inside the aircraft;so that the passengers of this flight can be sure that the interior of the aircraft is safe and anti-virus. Source: […]

cockroach robots

Rollsweis has created exposure cockroach robots Rollsweis has created exposure cockroach robots that rotate in the aircraft engine and investigate and announce possible problems.with this robot,you no longer need to take out the entire aircraft engine for repair.  5/5 Contact Us number: 00982144692989

Lufthansa Resolves To Buy 10 More Airbus, Boeing Widebodies

The first of a new batch of five Boeing 787-9s will arrive at Lufthansa’s Frankfurt base this winter. Lufthansa Group’s supervisory board on Monday approved the purchase of five Airbus A350-900s and five Boeing 787-9s as part of a long-standing fleet renewal program that will see 175 new aircraft delivered to the group this decade. […]