Iran could become a hub for aircraft repairs and maintenance

According to Mehr News Agency, quoting the Deputy of Science and Technology, Imam Khomeini International Airport in the country has the capacity to become a hub for aircraft repairs and maintenance in the country and the region. The goal that the Deputy of Science and Technology seeks to facilitate its realization path. The aviation and […]

Italy’s largest airline disbanded

Rome – IranPress Alitalia, Italy’s largest airline, which has been struggling with a severe financial crisis for years, went bankrupt with the outbreak of the corona and went bankrupt on Friday. According to Iran Press News Agency, Alitalia, the bearer of the Italian flag, which means Italian wing in Italian, ended its life after 75 […]

Ukrainian flight attendants wear trousers and sneakers instead of skirts and high heels

Skyup Airlines The female hostesses of Skyup Airlines say goodbye to formal clothes including skirts and high heels. This fall, Ukrainian Airlines is introducing a new look with an emphasis on usability and comfort, introducing new stewardesses to female flight attendants, including white Nike sneakers, a loose orange suit and a blue silk scarf. “Times […]

NASA Thinking of Green Futures for Passenger Airlines

NASA’s X-48  flights promise a green future for passenger airlines drone test After nearly six years of flying from 2007 to 2013 and reviewing data from then until now, NASA has announced that the X-48 test project has been successfully completed, according to ISNA. These test flights demonstrate NASA’s commitment to designing and developing new aircraft […]

The challenge of making nano-floor aircraft is held

According to the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters, an airline, in collaboration with the Technology Exchange Network, is holding an innovation challenge on the subject of “manufacturing non-woven indoor flooring for aircraft.” challenges This challenge is to call for solutions, ideas and, if possible, creativity in the use of materials. So the result will be produce non-woven […]

Inventing an automatic aircraft guidance system in the event of a sudden engine shutdown

A Swiss company has developed an intelligent guidance device called the Smart Glide to help pilots pilot an aircraft in the event of a sudden engine shutdown. Grameen International has developed the tool to reduce the pressure and anxiety of pilots. This tool guides the aircraft in the event of a malfunction and determines the […]


This aircraft is anti-corona

A British company has unveiled an anti-corona aircraft with special capabilities. Seats of this aircraft The seats are separated by a plastic cover and change color by using thermochromic technology after disinfection inside the aircraft;so that the passengers of this flight can be sure that the interior of the aircraft is safe and anti-virus. Source: […]

Use new alloy to reduce aircraft noise during landing

Use new alloy to reduce aircraft noise during landing

The new alloy is made of memory alloys. These types of alloys have the ability to change structure in response to a stimulus, in the form of stress or heat. This change in structure means that a material that has a specific shape at a certain temperature and stress level will have the corresponding shape […]

Quarterhorse; US Air Force invests in the development of the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft

Air Force has joined a group of investment companies that are investing $ 60 million in a project of Hermes, a Georgia-based start-up that seeks to build the world’s fastest reusable supersonic aircraft, according to a press release. Have invested. This new investment sets ambitious goals for Hermes that must be achieved over the next […]

How the main church of Germany unlike the surrounding  buildings , remains completely intact

downtown, Cologne, Germany after the end of world war ll, remains completely intact This picture is downtown, Cologne, Germany after the end of world war ll. As we can see, the city’s main church, unlike the surrounding  buildings , remains completely intact. Of course, the reason is not a miracle…but allied pilots used this church […]