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Ukrainian flight attendants wear trousers and sneakers instead of skirts and high heels

Skyup Airlines The female hostesses of Skyup Airlines say goodbye to formal clothes including skirts and high heels. This fall, Ukrainian Airlines is introducing a new look with an emphasis on usability and comfort, introducing new stewardesses to female flight attendants, including white Nike sneakers, a loose orange suit and a blue silk scarf. “Times […]

NASA Thinking of Green Futures for Passenger Airlines

NASA’s X-48  flights promise a green future for passenger airlines drone test After nearly six years of flying from 2007 to 2013 and reviewing data from then until now, NASA has announced that the X-48 test project has been successfully completed, according to ISNA. These test flights demonstrate NASA’s commitment to designing and developing new aircraft […]

With the phase-out of A330, what is the future Etihad fleet?

Etihad is set to phase out its last remaining Airbus A330s by the end of 2021. The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates has been known for its financial struggles in the past few years ‒ a time during which it often resolved to cut its voluminous plane orders and fleet. What is there […]

Regional Express Accuses Qantas Of Abusing Market Power

Regional Express (REX) is crying foul, alleging Qantas is abusing its market position and dumping excess capacity on already marginal regional routes. Regional airline REX has accused Qantas of dumping excess capacity on some routes. Photo: Andrew Curran / aryatamo REX has carved out a niche for itself on marginal regional routes REX is Australia’s […]

Cathay Pacific asks 27,000 employees to take unpaid leave

Cathay Pacific asked all of its 27,000-strong workforce to take three weeks of unpaid leave in the next few months, as geopolitical events have severely dented the Hong Kong-based airline’s demand in recent weeks. The city-wide Hong Kong protests that have been going on since March 2019 and the break-out of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) […]

JetBlue Europe Flights – What’s The Latest?

It has been over a year since JetBlue has been reported to start expanding into Europe. Despite being the sixth-largest United States-based carrier by passengers served it, is yet to cross the Atlantic. JetBlue is currently preparing for an important step in its operations. Photo: Getty Images Time to take the leap Next month, it […]

Boeing confirms further 787 Dreamliner production cuts in 2021

Through 2019, the 787 Dreamliner accounted for 112 out of a total of 243 Boeing aircraft orders; and out of 380 deliveries through the year, 158 were Dreamliners. But in the current market, the odds are not in the wide-body’s favor, as the U.S. manufacturer announced further production cutbacks lasting until 2023. In October 2019, […]

Boeing Posts Its First Annual Loss In 23 Years

Boeing has announced its first annual loss since 1997. The airline today released its financial figures for Q4 of 2019. These additionally show that aircraft deliveries have dropped significantly year on year as a result of the ongoing MAX crisis. Boeing has posted its first loss since 1997. Photo: Boeing 2019 was not Boeing’s best […]

Airbus shows what Beluga XL work day looks like

Following the service entry of Airbus next generation super transporter, the BelugaXL, earlier in the month, the European manufacturer now invites to “enter the cockpit” of its “smiling whale”. The BelugaXL, just like its predecessors, is used by Airbus to transport large aircraft components across its production sites in Europe. For instance, it can carry […]

An Inside Look At FLYJETS: A New Startup For Private Jet Flights

Route and destination searches to generate aircraft, flight and location information. Bidding and ‘Book Now’ features to enable flexible aircraft, flight and booking options. Invite, group-purchasing and itinerary-sharing features to encourage booking with friends, family, and colleagues. Messaging functionality to facilitate direct communication among users. FLYJETS is an online platform that allows users to configure […]