The challenge of making nano-floor aircraft is held

According to the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters, an airline, in collaboration with the Technology Exchange Network, is holding an innovation challenge on the subject of “manufacturing non-woven indoor flooring for aircraft.”

This challenge is to call for solutions, ideas and, if possible, creativity in the use of materials.
So the result will be produce non-woven indoor flooring of competitive quality globally.

The main goal of this challenge
The main goal is to provide innovative and innovative solutions regarding the use of nanotechnology to manufacture aircraft flooring products.
All interested parties, including technology companies, students, researchers, etc., can participate in this call to address the issue.
According to the Secretariat for Technology and Innovation Challenges, participants have until July 25, 2014 to submit their initial concept design to the Challenge Secretariat.

Second stage of selected designs
After the deadline for receiving the designs and their initial screening، the designs will be judged.
Finally the selected designs will advance to the second stage.

Source: Mehr News Agency