Airbus whales enter the international air fleet

According to Reuters, the French airline Airbus announced that it wants to rent a fleet of Beluga-like aircraft for international transport. Until now, this fleet has only been used to transport aircraft parts between Airbus assembly plants.
Airbus says it will establish an airline in 2013 with a fleet of Beluga aircraft.
It was a few weeks ago that Airbus stopped producing its jumbo jets after 15 years.
Airbus says Beluga aircraft have a unique air carrying capacity and can be effective in carrying bulky cargo by air.
Airbus has so far produced five Beluga-shaped whale aircraft, and it is said that if it uses all of them as an air freight company, it will form the largest cargo air transport in Europe.
Demand for large cargoes without dismantling them has increased, and many companies are moving to air freight when they do not have enough time to use maritime transport, experts say.

Source: Fars