Use new alloy to reduce aircraft noise during landing

Use new alloy to reduce aircraft noise during landing

The new alloy is made of memory alloys.

These types of alloys have the ability to change structure in response to a stimulus, in the form of stress or heat.

This change in structure means that a material that has a specific shape at a certain temperature and stress level will have the corresponding shape as the temperature and stress level change.
The alloy is injected into the space inside the wings to reduce the amount of noise created during the landing and take-off of the wings in order to create resistance to the air flow and help stop the aircraft from stopping.

This injection fills the inside of the wing and reduces the intensity of the wind.
According to researchers at the University of Texas, the alloy is a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composite membrane that has a variety of other compounds and has been successful in functional computer simulations;

Wind tunnel tests on the wings of small aircraft are currently underway to ensure the successful operation of this alloy.