Face and fingerprint scanning at airports is a way to identify people

Airport face and fingerprint scanning technology can be a good alternative to ID cards at airports.
So you may no longer have to use ID cards, passports or driver’s licenses to identify yourself.
Face or fingerprint scanners of passengers at domestic and international airports, which host large numbers of passengers a day, allow airport officials to identify passengers as quickly as possible.
So that there is no need for a national check and passport.

Automatically identify a person from the beginning to the end of the security process

Using biometric technology, security steps are easier


The biometric system automatically verifies the identity of the person and there is no need for anyone to intervene and do something.
This technology has also made security matters easier in the aviation industry and makes the security check process faster.

Since this equipment is used in different regions and countries, it needs an integrated and strong structure so that there is no problem in the implementation of the authentication process.

Advanced features of this new technology

This new method, as a leading technology in the field of face recognition, currently has very high capabilities. Utilizing the most up-to-date machine learning algorithms.
This system performs the face recognition process in the shortest possible time and in less than one second.

Face recognition technology can be used in different situations
The way is to use environmental specifications and setting reasonable goals.
That is why this intelligent technology, as a complex security tool, challenges traditional methods in important situations.
The system uses authentication methods such as e-KYC, remote authentication, and liveness detection.

source: Cannews