Inventing an automatic aircraft guidance system in the event of a sudden engine shutdown

A Swiss company has developed an intelligent guidance device called the Smart Glide to help pilots pilot an aircraft in the event of a sudden engine shutdown.

Grameen International has developed the tool to reduce the pressure and anxiety of pilots.

This tool guides the aircraft in the event of a malfunction and determines the route to the nearest available airport.
In the event of a sudden failure of the aircraft engine, the pilot must position it in the correct direction and angle so that the aircraft can be balanced by relying on air currents and then try to restart the engine; Trying to do all this together increases the risk of pilots making wrong and deadly decisions, and this new tool reduces that risk.
The system is compatible with a variety of navigation products and tools, such as the GTN Xi Gramine Series navigation systems and GTX 345 / GTX 345R transponders, and can do many things related to aircraft engine condition automatically or at the request of the pilot.
The most important action of this system is to adjust the speed and conditions of the aircraft according to the weather conditions, distance from the destination, visibility, geography of the flight location, etc. If no airport is available, Smart Glide sends audible and visual alerts to the pilot and continues to search for a place to land.
The system also continues to send warning signals to the pilot as it approaches the airport to help it control the landing.

If the landing takes place in an area other than the airport, the system will still send sound alerts about altitude and environmental conditions.

The system is expected to launch in the next few months.