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Quarterhorse; US Air Force invests in the development of the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft

Air Force has joined a group of investment companies that are investing $ 60 million in a project of Hermes, a Georgia-based start-up that seeks to build the world’s fastest reusable supersonic aircraft, according to a press release. Have invested. This new investment sets ambitious goals for Hermes that must be achieved over the next […]

Breeze Aviation To Share Azul’s E195s With LOT Polish Airlines

It has been a year and a half since Breeze Aviation was founded. As David Neeleman prepares to get his startup off the ground, he has turned to one of his other airlines for help. The company will sublease up to 28 Embraer E195s from Azul by 2022. Meanwhile, LOT Polish Airlines will receive the […]

Credit Suisse launches aviation financing subsidiary

Credit Suisse has launched an aviation liquidity subsidiary that aims to help actors in the aviation and air transport industry manage short-term transactions involving leased aircraft. The company, to be called SCALE Aviation, will be headquartered in Dublin, the Swiss bank said on 16 January. ‚ÄúSCALE will be an aviation conduit and liquidity provider for […]

Lessons to take

Lessons to take from 2019 regarding aviation safety

Despite the heavily mediatized crash of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX, 2019 proved a relatively safe year for commercial aviation. Dutch consulting firm To70 said total fatalities dropped by more than half compared to the previous year. But behind the encouraging data lay some crucial lessons for the future. Only 257 people were killed […]