Italy’s largest airline disbanded

Rome – IranPress
Alitalia, Italy’s largest airline, which has been struggling with a severe financial crisis for years, went bankrupt with the outbreak of the corona and went bankrupt on Friday.
According to Iran Press News Agency, Alitalia, the bearer of the Italian flag, which means Italian wing in Italian, ended its life after 75 years due to the economic crisis and financial problems.
And ITA Airlines, which created the first four letters of Italy, Replaced it.
ETA Airlines began operations with 52 aircraft as the new carrier of the Italian flag.
With the dissolution of Alitalia, thousands of its employees have lost their jobs.
Italian Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti has previously stated that Alitalia is a completely bankrupt company and can no longer be saved.
Hundreds of Alitalia employees recently gathered on a street in downtown Rome to demand the company’s liquidation.
Source: Ghatreh news