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Italy’s largest airline disbanded

Rome – IranPress Alitalia, Italy’s largest airline, which has been struggling with a severe financial crisis for years, went bankrupt with the outbreak of the corona and went bankrupt on Friday. According to Iran Press News Agency, Alitalia, the bearer of the Italian flag, which means Italian wing in Italian, ended its life after 75 […]

Ukrainian flight attendants wear trousers and sneakers instead of skirts and high heels

Skyup Airlines The female hostesses of Skyup Airlines say goodbye to formal clothes including skirts and high heels. This fall, Ukrainian Airlines is introducing a new look with an emphasis on usability and comfort, introducing new stewardesses to female flight attendants, including white Nike sneakers, a loose orange suit and a blue silk scarf. “Times […]

NASA Thinking of Green Futures for Passenger Airlines

NASA’s X-48  flights promise a green future for passenger airlines drone test After nearly six years of flying from 2007 to 2013 and reviewing data from then until now, NASA has announced that the X-48 test project has been successfully completed, according to ISNA. These test flights demonstrate NASA’s commitment to designing and developing new aircraft […]

Quarterhorse; US Air Force invests in the development of the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft

Air Force has joined a group of investment companies that are investing $ 60 million in a project of Hermes, a Georgia-based start-up that seeks to build the world’s fastest reusable supersonic aircraft, according to a press release. Have invested. This new investment sets ambitious goals for Hermes that must be achieved over the next […]

Boeing 777X makes maiden flight

Seven years since the program was launched, Boeing’s newest, state-of-the-art airliner, featuring cutting-edge technology such as folding wingtips and the biggest turbine engine in the world, the Boeing 777X, finally embarked on its maiden flight, taking off for the first time on January 25, 2020.  The first of four dedicated 777X-9 flight test aircraft, the […]

Multiple injuries after Avianca flight sudden loss of altitude

An Avianca flight declared an emergency after suffering a sudden loss of altitude that injured eight people on board. The flight AV693 from San José-Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO), Costa Rica, to Bogotá-Eldorado Airport (BOG), Colombia, was carried out by the Airbus A319-100 registered N703AV, with 108 passengers and five crew members on board.  Nearly […]

Korean Air Flight 858 May Have Been Found In The Ocean

Wreckage from the doomed Korean Air Flight 858 may have been found in the Andaman Sea near Myanmar. Reports have emerged of a South Korean television crew spotting a wing-shaped object and part of a fuselage on the seabed using 3D sonar. A Korean Air Boeing 707, the aircraft type operating Flight 858. Photo: G.B_NZ […]

Delta Boeing 777 dumps fuel over school [Video]

Delta Air Lines landed in hot water after one of its Boeing 777 aircraft dumped fuel over the suburbs of Los Angeles. To make matters even worse, the location where the fuel landed happened to be an elementary school. About twenty children and ten adults who were in the courtyard of the school were affected.  […]

Alaska Airlines Ties Flight Discounts To The Northern Lights

Alaska Airlines have once again come up with a unique and somewhat quirky way to offer discounts on its flights by linking the fare price to the visibility of the Northern Lights. The Seattle, Washington based airline ran a similar promotion last November in an attempt to get last-minute travelers to buy a ticket to […]