An Inside Look At FLYJETS: A New Startup For Private Jet Flights

  • Route and destination searches to generate aircraft, flight and location information.
  • Bidding and ‘Book Now’ features to enable flexible aircraft, flight and booking options.
  • Invite, group-purchasing and itinerary-sharing features to encourage booking with friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Messaging functionality to facilitate direct communication among users.
FLYJETS is an online platform that allows users to configure travel to their needs. Photo: FLYJETS

When booking a flight, passengers will get to see a lot of information about their flight. Passengers will be able to charter planes, book seats on charters, and, in the future, also be able to book commercial flights through the interface.

Computer Screen FLYJETS
FLYJETS provides users with key information about their aircraft, provider, and allows for messaging between passengers and owners/pilots. Photo: FLYJETS

FLYRewards: A New Frequent Flier Program

Like a lot of companies operating in aviation, FLYJETS will also provide a frequent flier program. For now, it is largely targeted towards earning and redeeming points to use towards future flights on private jets. Users earn a number of FLYRewards points depending on the cost of their flight. But, the system is also straightforward when it comes to using these points. FlyRewards points are redeemed at a 1 point = 1 dollar basis.

Private Jet Interior
Users can use FLYRewards points toward future jet travel. Photo: Getty Images

However, there is another nice feature within this program. As people become more aware of their impact on the environment and premium travel comes under greater scrutiny, FLYJETS is encouraging their passengers to act in an environmentally friendly manner. FLYJETS users can earn additional FLYRewards points if they offset their flights or choose to fly using sustainable aviation fuel. This is part of a wider initiative within FLYJETS called the “FLYGreen Energy Initiative”.

FLYJETS also offers a FLYGreen initiative that rewards users for offsetting their flights or using sustainable aviation fuel. Photo: FLYJETS

Jessica Fisher: Founder and CEO of FLYJETS

aryatamo had the opportunity to speak with Jessica Fisher– the CEO of FLYJETS. Ms. Fisher is a huge aviation fan and a pilot herself. In the largely male-dominated world of aviation, Ms. Fisher has established herself as a team leader and innovator.

Jessica Fisher FLYJETS
Jessica Fisher, the CEO OF FLYJETS, has her eyes on progress. Photo: FLYJETS

However, Ms. Fisher is committed to ensuring that there is an “everyone presence” on her team. This means creating great working relationships with everyone at FLYJETS and setting a standard for pilots and fliers to match.

A strong belief in “everyone presence” forms the core of FLYJETS. Photo: FLYJETS

Ms. Fisher on innovating in aviation

From a conversation with Ms. Fisher, it is very clear that she has a passion both for the environment and aviation. While it may be hard for some to reconcile this passion in the era of flight shaming, Ms. Fisher has a different take on this:

You can’t stop moving forward, and I think there are two ways to look at a problem. We see [flying as] something that is necessary, and we see something for travel advancement and something we do every day. So, rather than saying what  is going on right now is not good for the environment, let us just stop, I think the way we work on everything at FLYJETS is we see a problem, what’s the solution, and how can we do things that we love to do.

And FLYJETS has innovated in this field. When it comes to booking travel, FLYJETS gives information on the emissions rate for a flight, a number of options to help reduce the emissions from a particular flight, and to grow demand for sustainable jet fuel use by encouraging more people to use sustainable jet fuel for their flights.

FLYJETS office
The FLYJETS office across the pond in Rostov-on-Don. Photo: FLYJETS

Ms. Fisher has some big goals for FLYJETS and she continues to work on them every day. In five or ten years, here is where she wants FLYJETS to be:

I would love to see us enabling increased access to aviation for both charter and commercial flights and really building an effective network, which will enable more people to fly, which will enable, hopefully ultimately cost save. I am hoping we really will be able to provide something for everyone.


While avid readers at aryatamo will be keenly aware of our airline startup of the week, FLYJETS is a different kind of startup designed to connect passengers with pilots and aircraft owners to charter their own flight or, soon, to book commercially all via either a laptop or a mobile app.

Will you use FLYJETS, a new startup for connecting passengers and charter flights? What do you make of this new startup? Let us know in the comments!

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