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Starlink Internet is available to passengers for the first time in air travel

In a new contract with the semi-private airline JSX, SpaceX intends to make its Starlink satellite internet available to its passengers in flight for the first time.JSX CEO Alex Wilcox told CNBC that under the company’s contract with SpaceX, about 100 aircraft will receive Starlink Internet services.Wilcox expects its passengers to have access to the […]

Airbus reveals new zero-emission concept aircraft

Airbus believe that hydrogen is one of the most promising zero-emission technologies to reduce aviation’s climate impact. This is why we consider hydrogen to be an important technology pathway to achieve our ambition of bringing a zero-emission commercial aircraft to market by 2035. All of these concepts rely on hydrogen as a primary power source […]

Sun Country to ‘grow sensibly’ after reporting small Q4 loss

Sun Country Airlines says it continues to “grow sensibly through the recovery” as it posts a small loss for the fourth quarter of 2021. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based ultra-low cost carrier on 7 February says it lost $602,000 in the final three months of the year, compared to a loss of $8 million in the same […]

Airbus whales

Airbus whales enter the international air fleet According to Reuters, the French airline Airbus announced that it wants to rent a fleet of Beluga-like aircraft for international transport. Until now, this fleet has only been used to transport aircraft parts between Airbus assembly plants.   Airbus says it will establish an airline in 2013 with […]

How do you get cargo into an A380?

How Would A Cargo Airbus A380 Be Loaded?

The A380 could potentially be an excellent cargo aircraft. It’s big, it flies a long way and has plenty of onboard space for pallets. But how would it actually be loaded? Why are airlines interested in cargo? Cargo has become king in the world of aviation, as airlines scramble to find ways to meet the […]

Cargo aircraft Boeing 747-400F loading cargo.

How The Lifting Nose On A Boeing 747 Cargo Plane Works

The Boeing 747 freighter comes with a unique feature for cargo airlines. The front nose can lift to allow access to the cargo area onboard. Why is this an advantage for cargo carriers, and how does it work? Why have a nose door? There are several advantages to this design. The first is that the cargo loaded […]

Can a Boeing 747 fly upside down? Pictured is the special Iron Maiden Boeing 747-400.

Could A Boeing 747 Fly Upside Down?

The Boeing 747 is capable of many incredible manoeuvres thanks to the fantastic engineering and skill of pilots. However, could a Boeing 747 actual fly upside down? Let’s find out. Flying upside down vs a barrel roll Before we dive into the technicalities of upside-down flight, we need to discuss specifically the difference between sustained inverted flight […]

Traveling with children during the pandemic does not need to be stressful. Follow our tips for a smoother journey.

10 Tips For Flying With Young Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic

It may not be possible to avoid traveling with young children during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the prospect of flying at this time should not scare you. Airlines are doing all they can to sanitize aircraft and are committed to health guidelines to keep you and your family safe. That said, there are a few ways that […]

The Boeing 757-300 had a challenging life.

Did Boeing Make The 757-300 Too Long?

You won’t find a more controversial difference in aircraft in the same product line than the Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 757-300. Why is one loved and the other hated? Is it because the Boeing 757-300 is too long? Let’s find out. What is the difference between the two variants? Two versions of the Boeing 757 […]