Delta Air Lines Set For A Record Year Of Profit Sharing

Delta Air Lines will pay out an extra $1.6 billion amongst over 90,000 employees. This comes after the carrier posted an excellent year financially. A known airline for profit sharing, this is a record amount for Delta.

Delta 737-800
On the heels of an excellent year, Delta will distribute an extra $1.6 billion in profit sharing amongst its employees. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta announces record profit sharing

CNN reports that Delta Air Lines will give its employees a combined extra $1.6 billion back. Eligible employees will receive a check cut out for 16.6% of their annual salary. Taking everything into account, this is equivalent to about an extra two months worth of pay to employees who will receive these bonuses. This is a record amount for the carrier. However, Delta has for some years now paid out over $1 billion each year to its employees in profit sharing.

Delta Air lines Profit Sharing
Delta will give eligible employees a bonus equivalent to 16.6% of their annual salary. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta and its employees

This new profit-sharing continues Delta’s commitment to its employees. Back in 2019, Delta employees, including flight attendants, received a 4% pay increase.

Delta flight attendants
Delta’s flight attendants received a 4% increase in base pay in 2019. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Moreover, there is a strong tie between Delta and its employees. CEO Ed Bastian routinely emphasizes the importance of Delta’s employees in the airline’s success. Reflecting on the history of the airline for a aryatamo feature on Delta’s first Boeing 767, CEO Ed Bastian had the following to say:


Delta Employees
Ed Bastian has a lot of respect for Delta’s employees. Photo: Delta Air Lines

How this sets Delta Air Lines apart

Delta’s flight attendants are not currently unionized. Despite this, Delta and its employees have a good relationship. The airline’s flight attendants and pilots have not gone on strike in recent years and have seen management that provides frontline staff with a vision for great customer service.

Delta Employees
Delta’s flight attendants are not currently unionized. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Compared to other American carriers, Delta is at the forefront when it comes to profit sharing and maintaining excellent employee relationships. This tends to show as Delta has some of the friendliest crews in the sky.

Delta employee profit sharing
Delta’s employees have an excellent reputation both in the sky and on the ground. Photo: Delta Air Lines


Maintaining good employee relationships and a public show of trust between employees and management is a fine line to walk. Many carriers around the world are still trying to find that balance. While Delta has seemingly mastered this, it is important that management at the airline continues to support its workers and handle their complaints with integrity.

Are you a Delta Air Lines employee? Why do you like working for Delta? What do you make of this development? Let us know in the comments!

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