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Why Did Boeing Build The 767?

Boeing’s mid-capacity widebody 767 has proven to be a staple of long haul flying. With a healthy range and better economics than the 747, it was the pioneer of twinjet ETOPS and enabled more airlines to operate on a point to point model. Here’s how the 767 came about and why Boeing built it. What […]

Greener biofuels

Greener biofuels battle for take-off to cut aviation emissions

The grounding of thousands of aircraft across the world in recent weeks has cut the aviation industry’s carbon emissions in a temporary silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic. But as and when the sector recovers in the wake of the global crisis that has brought much travel to a halt, the upward trajectory in aviation’s […]

What Is A Tailpipe Fire And Should You Be Concerned?

Your aircraft’s engine is on fire – but you might not need to worry (too much). Back in April, we wrote about a UTair Boeing 737 that was filmed with flames spewing out of the engine. Fearing for their lives, some passengers climbed out of the emergency overwing exit on the opposite side. After convincing […]