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Here’s Why American Airlines Won’t Give Up On Los Angeles

Los AngelesLos AngelesAmid the coronavirus outbreak, American Airlines is temporarily suspending services to mainland China and Hong Kong. While the future is unknown, it is highly unlikely that American Airlines will give up on Los Angeles as a major gateway. American Airlines will not be pulling out of Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images American Airlines […]

Cathay Pacific asks 27,000 employees to take unpaid leave

Cathay Pacific asked all of its 27,000-strong workforce to take three weeks of unpaid leave in the next few months, as geopolitical events have severely dented the Hong Kong-based airline’s demand in recent weeks. The city-wide Hong Kong protests that have been going on since March 2019 and the break-out of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) […]

Russia signs contracts for Tupolev future strategic bomber PAK-DA

Three days after the United States Air Force shared new visuals of its upcoming B-21 Raider, the Russian Defense Ministry announced it signed the contracts regarding the production of its own future long-range strategic bomber, the PAK-DA. On February 3, the television channel Zvezda reported that the Ministry had just “signed all the necessary contracts […]

Breaking: Pegasus Boeing 737 Snaps Into Three Landing In Istanbul

A Boeing 737-800 operated by Pegasus Airlines has skidded off the runway and snapped into three pieces at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport. Part of the destroyed aircraft. Photo Source: Twitter According to Turkey’s transport minister, there have been no fatalities recorded so far but it is believed that several people have been injured. The airport […]

Brisbane Airport Hosts 10% More Passengers From The US In 2019

Brisbane Airport handled a record number of passengers in 2019. Over 24 million domestic and international passengers moved through the airport over the year. Brisbane Airport recorded a 10.5% increase in travellers between Brisbane and the United States in 2019. Photo; Qantas News Room. The airport’s CEO, Gert-Jan de Graaff, says Brisbane Airport is going […]

B-21 new renders show future of USAF strategic bombers

The US Air Force released three artist renders of its future strategic bomber, the B-21 Raider, currently under development at Northrop Grumman. The pictures reveal a few new elements regarding the future replacement of the B-1 and B-2. Its general appearance could make one think that the B-21 is very similar to the B-2 Spirit […]

Cathay Pacific cuts capacity by 30% over coronavirus outbreak

As the first confirmed death from the coronavirus in Hong Kong is reported, and international airlines start suspending their flight to the city, Cathay Pacific announced it would reduce its flights to mainland China by 90%, cutting its overall flight capacity by about 30%. The recent epidemic of coronavirus that started in Wuhan, east of […]

Air New Zealand Operates Its First Wuhan Rescue Flight

Air New Zealand’s rescue flight from Wuhan is now underway. Onboard the Boeing 777-200 are 190 passengers. The majority of passengers are Kiwis, but there are also some Australians, PNG citizens and Pacific Islanders on-board. Air New Zealand’s rescue flight from Wuhan is now in the air. Photo: Air New Zealand via Facebook. Air New […]

JetBlue Europe Flights – What’s The Latest?

It has been over a year since JetBlue has been reported to start expanding into Europe. Despite being the sixth-largest United States-based carrier by passengers served it, is yet to cross the Atlantic. JetBlue is currently preparing for an important step in its operations. Photo: Getty Images Time to take the leap Next month, it […]

Boeing confirms further 787 Dreamliner production cuts in 2021

Through 2019, the 787 Dreamliner accounted for 112 out of a total of 243 Boeing aircraft orders; and out of 380 deliveries through the year, 158 were Dreamliners. But in the current market, the odds are not in the wide-body’s favor, as the U.S. manufacturer announced further production cutbacks lasting until 2023. In October 2019, […]