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NASA Thinking of Green Futures for Passenger Airlines

NASA’s X-48  flights promise a green future for passenger airlines drone test After nearly six years of flying from 2007 to 2013 and reviewing data from then until now, NASA has announced that the X-48 test project has been successfully completed, according to ISNA. These test flights demonstrate NASA’s commitment to designing and developing new aircraft […]

Quarterhorse; US Air Force invests in the development of the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft

Air Force has joined a group of investment companies that are investing $ 60 million in a project of Hermes, a Georgia-based start-up that seeks to build the world’s fastest reusable supersonic aircraft, according to a press release. Have invested. This new investment sets ambitious goals for Hermes that must be achieved over the next […]

New Boeing 737 MAX software flaw discovered during test flights

The troubled and grounded jet has provided a new headache for Boeing as a new software flaw was discovered when the 737 MAX was put through its paces during flight testing. The newest issue is related to an indicator light that showcases if there is an issue with the aircraft’s trim system, which helps the […]

Boeing confirms further 787 Dreamliner production cuts in 2021

Through 2019, the 787 Dreamliner accounted for 112 out of a total of 243 Boeing aircraft orders; and out of 380 deliveries through the year, 158 were Dreamliners. But in the current market, the odds are not in the wide-body’s favor, as the U.S. manufacturer announced further production cutbacks lasting until 2023. In October 2019, […]

Boeing Posts Its First Annual Loss In 23 Years

Boeing has announced its first annual loss since 1997. The airline today released its financial figures for Q4 of 2019. These additionally show that aircraft deliveries have dropped significantly year on year as a result of the ongoing MAX crisis. Boeing has posted its first loss since 1997. Photo: Boeing 2019 was not Boeing’s best […]

Boeing 777X makes maiden flight

Seven years since the program was launched, Boeing’s newest, state-of-the-art airliner, featuring cutting-edge technology such as folding wingtips and the biggest turbine engine in the world, the Boeing 777X, finally embarked on its maiden flight, taking off for the first time on January 25, 2020.  The first of four dedicated 777X-9 flight test aircraft, the […]

Grounded Boeing 737 Set On Fire In Pakistan

On Sunday evening a Shaheen Air Boeing 737-200 was destroyed by fire at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan. Preliminary reports suggest that the fire was intentional. The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is investigating the matter. The aircraft fire. The aircraft’s small engine can be seen in the foreground, silhouetted by the fire behind. […]

Which Plane Could Replace Condor’s Boeing 767s?

Condor’s new owner, the parent company of LOT Polish Airlines, has hinted that it is looking to replace Condor’s fleet of 16 Boeing 767-300ERs, which age from 18 to 28 years old. There are a few different options on the cards at the moment, but which is the most likely? Condor’s fleet of Boeing 767s […]

Boeing’s First 777X Successfully Completes Its Maiden Voyage

The brand new Boeing 777X has successfully completed its first flight. The world’s largest twin-engine passenger plane took off from Paine Field in Everett, Washington at 10:09 local time and landed safely at Seattle’s Boeing Field at 14:00, almost four hours later. The Boeing 777X took its first flight earlier today. Photo: Boeing via Twitter   […]

Will Boeing Or Airbus Ever Make A New Supersonic Passenger Plane?

The Concorde was such a game-changer that Boeing believed that they would be out of the passenger business within a decade (unless their own supersonic jet took flight), however today both Airbus and Boeing seem to be content with building slower more fuel-efficient aircraft. The future for Supersonic travel is bright. Photo: Boom Supersonic Will […]